Praising God Through the Storm

Andrew Wommack

“Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say REJOICE.”  –Philippians 4:4

The Effects of Praise

A life of praise is not only the most enjoyable way to live, it’s also one of the most powerful ways to change your life. It doesn’t only affect you, It also affects those around you, God, and even the devil!

While we can all agree that praising God is good, many only choose to do so when they feel like it. They think that praising God is only the response of a positive outcome. They allow their emotions and circumstances to lead them, which should NEVER be the case. Praise is not the inevitable byproduct that comes because everything is going right. It is the driving force!

We may not feel joyful, but Galatians 5:2 tells us that the fruit of the Spirit is joy! Therefore, if the Holy Spirit is dwelling inside you, you have joy. You may not feel it, but you can still choose to life up your hands and speak forth praise by faith. When we praise in the midst of our hardships, our problems shrink, helping us keep our focus where it needs to be–on God.

We will never be victors until we stop being victims. With the help of daily praise, you will get there!


4 thoughts on “Praising God Through the Storm”

  1. Amen! Words of wisdom, indeed. It can feel counter intuitive,not natural, but when things get really dark, just break out in some praise and worship. Blessed be His name, always, even when life is the pits. 🙂

    1. Andrew is truly a great and gifted teacher of the word.
      Absolutely, the ways of God are amazing. If we think we can figure Him out with just our natural mind/reasoning then we’ll always fall short and miss Him.

      Counter intuitive is a great word – and yes, especially when life is in the pits, the last thing we want to do is sing His praises and yet it’s the best thing we can do to emerge from the depths.

      Thank you and have a great Monday and rest of the week.

  2. I agree that the life of a Christian is marked by joy. I am cautious not to make “Rejoice!” the eleventh commandment. Those who feel a need to fake their joy to convince themselves or others that they are true Christians can fall into many traps. Christian joy happens when we forget ourselves and follow Jesus, not when we focus on ourselves and try to measure our level of joy. J.

    1. I appreciate and actually like your perspective on this.
      While not an eleventh commandment, I do believe it is a command, meaning it’s something we should make an effort to do even when we don’t feel like it or when we don’t want to.

      I think one of the points of the author is that joy is of the spirit, it’s something that every believer has whether or not they know it or feel it. It’s not about faking joy to convince others of anything, but rather focusing on the good things that God has done in your life.
      No one has to tell us to be joyful or give praise during good times; however when the storms of life come (and they do), it’s very easy to forget all of the benefits from God. It’s easy to lose perspective and focus on the storm than on the one who can calm the storm. And it’s only through praise -a sacrifice of praise- that we’re able to maintain joy in the midst of the storms of life.

      In Judges, when the Israelites were going to battle and they inquired of the Lord, who should go first: God’s response “Judah [Praise] shall go first”.
      Paul and Silas were in prison, facing execution – instead of focusing on the terrible lot life had dealt them, they focused on the goodness of God, and broke out in praise. Even when they were free to go, they remained behind praising God; because as you correctly pointed out, they were focused on the Giver of Joy and not on their circumstances.

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