Why Do You Seek Him

"Jesus answered them and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled."  John 6:22-39

Matthew 14:34-36; Mark 6:53-56; John 6:22-39

Jesus knew the hearts of all men and therefore, He did not commit Himself to this crowd. Just the day before, these same people tried to take Him by force and make Him their king, but He withdrew and spent the night in prayer.

This crowd looked like they were seeking Jesus, but they were actually trying to use Jesus to seek their own end. It is true that there are many personal benefits to be reaped through serving the Lord, but the benefits are never to become our object. In all things, Christ must have the preeminence (Col. 1:18).

Jesus exposed the true intentions of the people’s hearts by preaching a strong message of commitment. Those who were self-centered were offended and left while those who were willing to lay down their lives to experience God’s abundant life remained. Commitment to God Himself (not what He can produce) is what always separates the true worshippers of God from the false.

As Jesus began to explain in these verses that He was the only way to the Father (Jn. 14:6) and that they would have to come through Him, the people grew angry. It always angers the flesh to think that all our righteous acts can’t save us, but Jesus made it clear that our only part in salvation is to believe. Believe what? Believe on Jesus and His sacrifice – not ours. Salvation is a gift and cannot be purchased (Rom. 10:2-3).

Many times, we get so intent on seeking God in one area that we forget the greatest miracle of all, which is the love and redemption given to us from God through His Son. God loves us so much!

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2 thoughts on “Why Do You Seek Him”

  1. Amen! I often think of the lepers Christ healed, and how only one really notes the miracle and goes back to thank Him. “Where are the nine?” We people can be like that to this day, once our needs are met, we’re done. Or worse, we fail to even note the miracle that has happened to us.

    1. IB, I really appreciate this perspective.

      You’re absolutely right. I believe if the majority of us were even thankful, would even acknowledge when our prayers have been answered that would go a long way in glorifying God and in our witnessing of His love & power to others.

      Currently, thousands have been healed, but very few people know about it. They never took the time to go back to express thanks, nor declare His mercy and goodness to others 😦

      I also really like your last point, and tie it back to something you’ve said elsewhere – we also reason away our miracles; we give credit to chance, to luck, to time (as in it would have happened anyway) etc. 😦

      Thank God for His faithfulness (we’re really slow learners)

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