What Do You Have

I wanted to write on ‘What do you have’  focusing on the lessons from Elisha and the widow’s oil.

Thinking about this story, I found the focal point of the prophet’s question quite remarkable – Tell me, what do you have in the house? [See 2 Kings 4 for full story]

 I’ve observed that it hardly matters how much or how little we have, as we usually tend to focus mostly on what we do not have instead of on what we actually do.

In harmonizing this story with  the one told in John 6, my hope is that whatever situation we’re currently in where there is lack – lack of job, lack of finances, lack of health; that we take the time to do an inventory of the things we do have.

Let’s make the choice to be thankful and to give praise for these things, as God blesses and multiplies what we already have.


2 thoughts on “What Do You Have”

  1. It sure is a better life to look at all the wonderful people and things we do have rather than the two or three things we don’t have. I appreciate this post. Thank you. Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I’m blessed to know this post was appreciated.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well. I agree, to have a life of peace/better quality of life -comparing our selves with others and focusing on what we don’t have are sure ways to ensure we won’t have that quality life.

      A Blessed and favored weekend to you!

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