No Offense, Thank You

We’re all guilty of this.

Something is written or said, and often times without proper reading or thought, we quickly take offense.

Worse yet.

It’s never enough to quietly take something that was never given to us in the first place; we must now boldly and unashamedly declare our theft of offense to all who must hear it.

Burdened with the desire to rid ourselves of this stolen and now unwanted badge of offense, we proudly demand restoration in the form of recanting or an apology to a self-inflicted bruised ego.

Seriously ?

To the believing one, know that there is actually a blessing in not taking offense in The Word (Christ Jesus).

Jesus: “… And blessed is he who is not offended in Me.”


There was a time that Jesus was teaching a multitude at a synagogue in the city of Capernaum.

They clearly misunderstood His words.

The majority chose to take offense at what He taught and murmured among themselves, “how can this man give us His flesh to eat?”

However, instead of recanting, apologizing, or rephrasing in a more palatable way, Jesus repeated His statement.

As a result, from that time, many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him.

Jesus turned to the twelve that were left and simply asked them: “do you want to go also?”

The lesson here:

“Jesus was not seeking to turn people away, but He was not going to compromise to keep them.”

We should not seek to be offensive, but strive to speak our truth in love.

And, if offense is given, let’s take the opportunity to say “no, thank you!”  And where none is given, please let’s not take steal it.


6 thoughts on “No Offense, Thank You”

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I haven’t, but I will definitely check it out based on your recommendation.
      Thanks greatly & a Blessed and favored week to you!

  1. Amen! Not taking offense may be one of the more challenging practices. The thing is, we tend to receive the same amount of grace we are willing to extend to others. If someone ticks us off, often there can be something unresolved within us. Humility can be an awesome thing, no pride means no shame, so no offense to prick.

    1. Without a doubt, this is one area that we’ll continuously deal with until Christ returns.
      Our pride dictates we must take offense one way or another.
      I think even something as a simple “like” on any outlet can provide cause for offense.

      …something unresolved within us”
      This is such a true statement. Sometime back I heard a gospel teacher say, ‘someone else cannot make you angry or react angrily. It’s what’s already inside you that causes you to be angry and react the way you do.’
      I try very hard to keep this in mind — I’m not always successful, but that statement has made a world of difference for me.

      Thanks & wishing you a Blessed week!

  2. Thanks for the timeliness of this. I read it this morning and it sort of stuck with me all day. Which was good, because today was one of the days where frankly the humanity around me offended me simply for being in existence. I actually said to myself a couple of times today: “No offense, thank you.”

    1. This is perhaps my best comment yet! Mr. W.
      Praise God.
      Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. I’m absolutely blessed that these words fell on fertile ground.

      A wonderful rest of the week to you!

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