Free Will

This post was inspired by a discussion on“free will.”

Free will (noun) – the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.


A very good and interesting point was brought up: “Yes, I could choose my path – I always believed that. We have free will, but if we use it to choose to follow God’s will, it isn’t our own anymore. Even if it is our choice, that decision has an emotional impact on how we see ourselves and how we interact with the world around us.”

I agree with this, but only to an extent.

Choosing to follow God’s will, does not mean ‘His will’ automatically becomes ‘our will’.

Far from it (evidenced by the lives of all Christians.) What we do is strive to align our will with His in all things.

Ideally, when we choose to follow God’s will in favor of our own, we’re essentially saying, God, I have tried doing things my way, society’s way, using their roadmap, my own plans etc.; but now, I recognize that your will and plan for me is the best one possible and therefore, I am willingly giving up my will in favor of Yours. That is, I will strive to align my will to Yours and in so doing, Your will becomes my will.

When we’re exercising total dependence on God (as exemplified by Jesus), even if it’s in only one area of our lives, we can truly say (in that area) – not ‘my will’ but ‘Your will’ be done; not out of coercion but out of meekness and humility in recognizing that He has all the answers and knows what is the absolute best for us and so we defer to Him.

We tend to get caught up in getting things correct or perfect -the first/first few times-, forgetting that it’s a process.  It’s only by choosing to go through the long refining process of making mistakes and learning from them, learning to discern the word,  the promptings of the Holy Spirit etc. that we eventually attain perfection.

So even in choosing God’s will in favor of our own, it’s still a daily ongoing choice each of us must make in allowing His will to override ours.

It is always a choice.

And it’s this ongoing decision to do His will instead of our own that steadily transforms us from the inside out and “impacts how we relate to the world around us.”



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