There’s something amazing about unbelief – it is able to fulfill its own expectations. Unbelief is safe because it takes no risk and almost always gets what it expects. Then, after a person gets the answer for their unbelief, they can say, I told you so.                      – Bill Johnson


2 thoughts on “Unbelief”

    1. You’re exactly right Ms. IB.
      It also sounds strange but unbelief in some context is also a form of belief.

      Sticking to Christianity, many have unbelief in healing – for various reasons.
      Christians with this view are less likely to heal the sick – (notice I didn’t say pray to God to heal the sick as He already told us what to do) – so when they eventually do, even for the first 10 times and they ‘see’ nothing, they quickly move on and confess that healing is not for today.

      I know I am taking this comment beyond my intent, but I would love to see bloggers focused on these ‘hard’ (for lack of a better word) things. I know it’s difficult as there’s always some atheist to disrupt the conversation and ask for things they could go seek if they were truly interested in truth.
      But, I was really impressed with the lady? you prayed for who was facing amputation I believe.

      My goal is to have Christians realize that healing is not something ‘out-there’ or something to run away from or be afraid of. To know that even if they see nothing the first 50 -100 times to continue to persevere; to seek out those who are getting great results and learn from them.
      Then we won’t shy away from what Jesus has told us to do, and always have our expectations met by seeing absolutely nothing because we expect nothing.

      Sorry for the length and my delay in reply.

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