Ignoring God Leads to a Downward Spiral

…But God’s angry displeasure erupts as acts of human mistrust and wrongdoing and lying accumulate, as people try put a shroud over truth. But the basic reality of God is plain enough.

Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So nobody has a good excuse. What happened was this: People knew God perfectly well, but when they didn’t treat him like God, refusing to worship him, they trivialized themselves into silliness and confusion so that there was neither sense nor direction left in their lives. They pretended to know it all, but were illiterate regarding life. They traded the glory of God who holds the whole world in his hands for cheap figurines you can buy at any roadside stand.

So God said, in effect, “If that’s what you want, that’s what you get.” It wasn’t long before they were living in a pigpen, smeared with filth, filthy inside and out. And all this because they traded the true God for a fake god, and worshiped the god they made instead of the God who made them—the God we bless, the God who blesses us. Oh, yes!

Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches.

Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering them and let them run loose. And then all hell broke loose: rampant evil, grabbing and grasping, vicious backstabbing. They made life hell on earth with their envy, wanton killing, bickering, and cheating. Look at them: mean-spirited, venomous, fork-tongued God-bashers. Bullies, swaggerers, insufferable windbags! They keep inventing new ways of wrecking lives. They ditch their parents when they get in the way. Stupid, slimy, cruel, cold-blooded. And it’s not as if they don’t know better. They know perfectly well they’re spitting in God’s face. And they don’t care—worse, they hand out prizes to those who do the worst things best!              [MSG Ro 1:18-32]


42 thoughts on “Ignoring God Leads to a Downward Spiral”

  1. I choose to, as you say, “ignore god”,but before you judge me, listen to why. I choose to put LIFE first. Why would i worship some “god” that may OR MAY NOT exist over worshiping LIFE. Kindness, love, help, care, ect, dont need to be taught to me from a “book of god” full of violence and hatred. I LOVE EVERYONE, I RESPECT EVERY PART OF LIFE. The ONLY way you can lose my respect is by NOT respecting life. If you do harm or spread hate (as this post does towards atheists) then you are no longer worth my respect, and yet still i will NOT harm you. You are a living creature and though i do not agree with you i will not do what you are doing. i will not spread hate and lies. LIFE COMES FIRST especially over some “God” that could quite possibly not exist. and if your god disagrees have it tell me ITSELF. Goodday

    1. Hello TOA,
      If I understand your philosophy correctly, you self-identify as an atheist, however, you’ve not conclusively closed the door to the possibility of a God existing… so you choose therefore to worship “life”… a created thing.

      I’m sure you’d agree with me that “life” is a created thing – all physical life on this earth, has a beginning, and also an end – so, why not take it a step further and worship the giver of life. That seems only logical.

      From where did this need to worship come from?
      Why do you appreciate love, kindness, help, care, etc. as opposed to fear, hate, indifference, violence, lies, harm?
      Is it that you know these things because this moral law of God is written on the hearts of each and everyman.

      What’s the basis of your accusation that I’m doing harm, spreading hatred & lies with regards to atheists?

      Thanks for “trying” to live up to the ideal of Christ Jesus – which is for each of us to LOVE everyone [do you know how hard it is to love people TAO]; but first and foremost, we should also Love God.
      [I say “trying”, because obviously you do not love everyone yet, that’s not an accusation… it’s the reality… loving everyone is a process… and I pray that if you’re sincere in this endeavor, at the end, you will have known the heart of God for people…because,

      God’s very being, His very essence IS Love.

      Life cannot come before the Giver of life – that’s impossible… philosophically and otherwise.

      It seems to me, if you’re not sure that God exists, shouldn’t it be your goal to find out instead of living in limbo… worshiping the created thing instead of the Creator.

      Finally, if God spoke to you, how would you know that He did?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding my post.

      1. The thing is, the giver of life IS life. You believe that a god has just always been simply because he has. Well I don’t. I believe life has always been simply because it has. You do spread hatred in regards to atheists as you claim we all become monsters. I won’t harm not because of anything having to do with a god you believe in(which has to be the right one right not any of the 5000+ others) I don’t harm becuase I know the feeling of pain. I know the feeling of disrespect and i know that by doing my best to not give it out is enough to help make the world a little better. The world that is because LIFE lets it be. I don’t worship your so called “giver of life” because I don’t believe he exists, and if he does surely he’s gone by now, because if not he seems to just not care for this life he “gave” anymore. My goal is to find the answer to why things happen but I’m not an expert in everything. I choose to hope and believe no god exists because look at the pain and horror of this life that “he” would technically be ignoring right now. I don’t believe, and you can’t make me, but that doesn’t make me a horrible person OR lead me down a path to being one. It makes me different than you and that’s all. By asking him to tell me, I meant directly. There is NO giver in my mind, therefore your arguments for why I should worship him ALL fail. I hate this kind of argument because I don’t like the thought of trying to prove someone else wrong, I shouldnt have to explain my reasons for choosing to not believe in a god like I’d never ask you to explain yours for doing so. I wouldn’t close the door to ANYTHING being possible, that would be arrogant. But I choose to BELIEVE (A belief is not a fact) as you do, to my own. Life is not a created thing, it just exists. That’s what I BELIEVE.

      2. TOA: “My goal is to find the answer to why things happen…”

        One of the main reason for why things happen is the human heart/spirit (not the organ)…
        Take a look around you: tv, newspaper, internet, community, etc. most of the things that are done are due to people.

        Everything a man does, he must have first given thought to it…(ie. no man can do anything which he hasn’t thought of first). Think about this deeply, and you’ll understand why it’s impossible for a man to change his nature.
        Only God can do that – take away a man’s old rebellious nature – and give him a brand new nature/spirit, God’s spirit.

      3. So everything’s done by man’s thought but man can’t change??? That doenst make any sense. You keep talking as if you know for a fact their is a god rather than that you believe In a god. You’re asking me to pretend for a moment that there is to see your side(which I’ve done many times in my life before I chose that path of an atheist) but it seems your not doing the same for me. Take a moment and consider that life simply exists and evolves. That life is in control of itself and life is all their is. I don’t need something I consider mythical to change me, I’m in charge of me, I’m also in charge of what I let society think is okay by choosing to speak up or not. Man and life changes all the time without a god. As I see it. You can disagree, and that’s fine but the only reason I commented on here is to tell you how wrong your propaganda of atheists is. Its wrong. You’re wrong about atheists, and you shouldn’t spread that. Believe as you wish but don’t spread hate about people and differing beliefs. You don’t have to respect my belief but you have to respect me and my right to have it. Good life to you sir.

      4. No man can change themselves…their human nature… you can change your mind (i.e. you used to think this way, now you don’t), you cannot change your spirit…. A man is 3 parts: body, soul (mind/psyche), spirit.
        You’re a spirit that lives in a body and you possess a mind.

        I know for a fact there is a God. Are you real? I imagine yes. God IS real.

        It’s strange talking to you, because you vacillate between there is no God, but if there is I want nothing to do with Him. That’s irrational… especially for one who says their goal is to find out why things happen.

        I don’t need a propaganda of atheists. The atheist does a fine job of it himself.

        You see, a materialist/atheist must and will always adopt an illogical stance and will always be unable to defend it [though he tries desperately-utilizing much ignorance] because there is no standard for anything for him; everything is based on his own opinion and the spotlight of reality will render such opinions illogical as he’s always living beyond even his own metaphysical assumptions.

      5. You do realize everything you stated in this argument can be turned right around against theists right? You just dont seem to realize the difference between belief and fact and truely its sad. Good luck to you.

      6. no… nothing in the argument can be turned against the Christian. It’s the very reason you haven’t attempted to.

        I know the difference between a belief and the truth. Do you?
        One is absolute… these things are absolutes (they do not change regardless of whether you or I agree with them):
        Truth; Morality (evil); Justice; Love; Forgiveness

      7. Sir i can turn those against you, the reason i dont is because i respect your right to have your belief and i refuse to go more into what ive already done. the problem is you see it as an absolute. that IS the problem. your gnostic and i find anyone gnostic to be arrogant as ive stated, but i wont argue with you because its your belief, it doesnt make you stating that anyone that doesnt follow what YOU believe is fact makes them automatically on the road to being a bad person with no way off that path except choosing to follow what YOU BELIEVE any more wrong(please note im not sayingwhat you believe is wrong im saying that spreading definite life path you claim anyone who disagrees with you has is wrong.) i cant say much more. i wont try to convince you, i wont argue with you, im telling you selling that “definite” as fact (which its not) is wrong.

      8. Based on your belief… you have no way of knowing something is right or wrong… all you have is your opinion.

        So your opinion is you think there are no absolutes… well, you are absolutely wrong.

        Those who are certain will always seem arrogant in the eyes of the uncertain.
        Jesus was ALWAYS CERTAIN: verily, verily… truly, truly… and those who were uncertain hated Him for it.

        I would never ask you to lower your standards for me or anyone else… and neither will I.

        I will never apologize for being certain… it’s because of this certainty why others before died for the Gospel.

        Have a good night.

    2. Hello TOA, Happy New Year to you! My sincerest wishes for an abundance in every good thing.

      Several things to hopefully put you at ease.

      1. Relax, we’re having a discussion, not an argument… I’m not trying to argue you into believing my side.

      Based on what you’ve written, you greatly misunderstand Christianity, and who our God is. It would be remiss of me, to let that go without even attempting to correct you.

      2. No one can change another person, whether by discussion, argument, shame or otherwise. That’s an impossibility. So have no fear, I’m not trying to change/convert you. If a person can be argued out of their beliefs, they can be argued back in. Believers are not called to make converts out of people, but rather to let our lives be a witness to others of the goodness and love of Christ Jesus within us.

      If you don’t think I’m a loving person chances are you’ll want nothing to do with me. Like a lot of people you do not see God as a loving God, and so you have decided to have nothing to do with Him.

      Chances are, if there’s someone you hated – and you didn’t know that person, but just what others had to say about him – then later you were to find out that as a baby, that person sold all of his vast holdings of properties and donated his own child’s organ and the money to your family so that you could live, you’d probably begin to see them in a new light; and if you are a truly appreciative person, you would want to sit down with that person and ask them why they did that for you, a total stranger, and say thank you.

      I used to share a somewhat similar belief as you that if God exists, why was He so distant, so uninvolved in the affairs of mankind.

      I’ve come to know (by His Word and by my own experiences) that God is anything but distance. Someone else said it best, so I’ll use their analogy: This life is like driving a car, each of us is in the drivers seat of our own car… however, we are to take our driving directions for The Lord.

      None of us are perfect, and just like using a GPS, we may not have heard or understood the directions correctly, or not paying attention etc. But guess what, God is so much more than a GPS, and when we go off course, He’s still right there recalibrating our mistakes and giving us the directions to steer us back on course.

      Our lives end up derailed (and for many, never righted back on course) when we think we know it all and we’re too proud to ask the One who has the directions to guide and direct us.

      Another blogger says it this way: “Everything in life represents an opportunity to be closer to God. The challenge for us is to find out how. God cares about how everything affects each & everyone of us at all times.”

      Listen, we love God because we know He first loved us. When you truly begin to have a revelation of His unconditional love for you, you will begin to know His heart.

      1. Here’s the thing, I don’t misunderstand Christianity, I know what Christians beleive I was simply stating my beliefs which have nothing to do with Christians. I don’t believe in a god. You can’t argue me out of my beliefs and I wouldn’t say I could of yours, I just won’t argue who’s beliefs are right. You claim mine are wrong, in the least you imply it. I say I disagree with yours but niether are wrong. I can’t even remotely have “faith” in someone who either has the ability to do more and doesn’t, or doesn’t have that ability. I don’t believe in a god AT ALL. I won’t say its impossible as I’ve stated that’s arrogant. But I don’t believe. I follow my own morality through how people feel. I don’t hate you or dislike you, I dislike the hate you spread in this original post. And yes it is hate that you spread. Just because someone does some bad doesn’t make them bad and just because someone does some good doesn’t make them good, but it does effect how much I want them in my life. And if their is a god(which I personally don’t believe) I don’t want him in my life. That doesn’t make me immoral or a bad person, the fact that you think one belief (such as a deity) changes a person entirely is sad.

      2. I have ignored the accusation of spreading hate because it’s baseless.
        Nowhere in my post was atheists mentioned.

        If my post was titled: Excessive drinking leads to a downward spiral… and listed the descriptors of such gradual decline …would you be accusing me of hating people who drink excessively… or would you see my post as a warning as to the pitfalls of excessive drinking.

        The other point… it’s interesting you didn’t recognize every word from the post was taken from Scripture.

      3. The difference being your spreading false facts about people who “ignore” god which includes atheists would to you not agree? If you spread false facts on people who drink making them out to be horrible people beyond the actual effects of excessive drinking then yes you would be creating more problems for them. This is difference because a belief isn’t an action. Your making anyone who doesn’t believe or chooses to not follow your form of a god(despite he thousands of others in existance) seem like their bad people and making others who follow your post less tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Your “scripture” is YOUR beliefs and your spreading it like fact. Its wrong.

      4. What are the “false facts” being “spread”?

        The post isn’t about a belief… it’s about what actually happens when people choose to ignore God.

        Should I have changed the Word of God to make it more palatable to someone who proudly boasts of choosing to ignore the Word of God?
        How irresponsible and foolish would that be.

        Listen, I cannot convict you of your rebellion… your own conscience does…

        Everyone is a “bad” person (compared to God). If you’ve found one human being who is good, I know you are a liar, because only God is good.

        Do you mean the same way you’re less than tolerant of my beliefs… how intolerant and religious of you.

      5. I have absolutely no intolerance of your belief. I disagree with them, but you can have them and that DOESNT make you a worse person. My problem is your spreading things that are NOT facts as if they were. Im not over here saying all theists spread hatred and are bigots , but you are saying that all atheist are horrible people who have horrible lives and horrible habits which ISNT fact. What you dont seem to be understanding is i dont believe in a god so no tin MY mind their is no such thing as pure good. I never said their was. Humans however CAN get BETTER and they dont need a god for that. Its not a FACT that the only way to be a better person is to follow the word of the christian god. thats NOT a fact.

      6. Hey TOA..let me clarify a question you were asked. You are upset because you feel the things in this post were stated as fact when you say they are not fact. Fair enough. Specifically you felt saying no one could be good without God is an assault on atheist. Fair enough.

        Yet, you state that people can be good without God as a statement of fact. Eh..I could construe that as an assault on me, I don’t construe it that way because…well that is absurd.

        The real question is, why is it ok for you to state your position as fact, but not for another to do the same?

        I am not offended by your “facts” why are you offended by mine? Perhaps because the facts stated in this post cut into your heart, and you find that uncomfortable.


      7. I didnt say they could be pure good, i said they could be good.
        Which is a fact. It Is a fact that there are decent people who dont follow a god or even dont follow the christian god is there not? i have no problem in him believing no one is good, i disagree but he can believe that. my ONLY problem is his claim that anyone who “ignores god” is going to be a horrible person. Im offended that he spreads that like fact. Like its impossible for Atheists to be decent people. If i spoke and spread hatred saying anyone who is theist is bad and will only think of their god and blah blah blah(which i dont believe and wouldnt do) id have a bunch of theists attacking me for putting blanket statements on people for one belief they have(without knowing why or what other beliefs they hold) as if it was fact. Thats my problem here. i do admit i got a bit off track in the discussion with him and i didnt mean to and i do apologize, i didnt intend to discuss why i dont believe in god or if i should or even touch on any of his other beliefs, i just wanted to point what ive stated here out. i cant do much more.

      8. Hey TOA thanks for responding

        Yep. Lots of good atheists in the world
        Yep, Lots of really bad christians.

        So what?

        The issue, and the only issue of the post, is that compared to God’s standard, we all are bad. You, me, The Ancients too. So what? When he writes something like that it is hardly a personal attack on atheist. It is an indictment of mankind in general. No biggie.

        In fact, I notice that you made a special trip over to have an issue with this post. Which raises the very valid question of why non believers constantly prowl believers blogs to argue and contend, but believers for the most part don’t do the opposite.

        Um. the dubious promise that salvation is available to all? Not sure I tracked on that one. It is, in fact, available to all, and that is clearly taught in The Bible. Not sure what your point was there.

        But, back to the original point. This post was absolutely not an attack on atheists. It certainly wasn’t hateful.

        But really, you never answered the repeated question. Why is it perfectly ok for atheists to point out the failures of Christians and it is A ok…but not the other way around? That is a very legitimate question that no non believer has yet to answer.

        Thanks and peace

      9. sir i wasnt prowling religious posts i was prowling the tag “godless” because many ATHEIST posters use it. the post itself wasnt aboutall of mankind it was about those who ignore his god thats the problem. i dont think thats a failure of a theist i think thats a person spreading intolerance. you can absolute stop and inform me if you think im spreading intolerance PLEASE stop me if im doing that. good life to you sir

      10. Hey TOA

        While I appreciate a lot the overall kindness of your remarks, you are quite wrong. This post was clearly about all of mankind, not just unbelievers. That is crystal clear. The writer has even said so…so I think we can defer to his intent when we evaluate the post. If it wasn’t clear in the post(which it was), he has made in abundantly clear.

        I also think you actually fail to understand what the word intolerance actually means. Tolerance does not mean conceding another person is right. Tolerance doesn’t even mean conceding we can all be right. In this arena, simply put, on or us is right and one is wrong. We cannot both be correct about this subject, as I am sure you know the law of non contradiction, right? So, in this context, somebody is simply wrong. And If I say that person is you without any hedging whatsoever, that is not intolerance on my part. Intolerance would be saying or taking action to prevent you from saying wrong things. Heck, you keep on saying them, and I will keep telling you that you are incorrect.

        Final thing, and it’s the question you have been asked over and over. If we are wrong, and turning away from God does not send a person on a downward spiral, why does it bother you so that somebody says that is so? If we are wrong, shrug us off as delusional fundies, girt up your loins, and get out there and make yourself better!

        I strongly suspect it it because you know you really can’t, and that in the face of a perfect God, you along with all people, all people, all people(note the repetition, as I never said all atheists), fail to measure up and need someone to save us from our imperfection.

        That person, of course, Is the Lord Jesus Christ.

      11. TOA,
        Intolerance isn’t what you’re taught it is.
        Everyone is intolerant of somethings and should rightly be. I’m sure you’re intolerant of lying, hatred, violence, rampant evil, wanton killing etc.

        I sure hope you spread intolerance to these things… because I cannot imagine a society where these things are tolerated… can you?

      12. I smile at your views…and agree totally with Mr. Chesterton.
        I do not feel any [hatred] for the atheist, who is often a man limited and constrained by his own logic to a very sad simplification.

        Here is the opinion of a “real atheist” – Prof. John Gray (Straw Dogs)
        To believe in progress is to believe that by using the new powers given us by growing scientific knowledge, humans can free themselves from the limits that frame the lives of other animals…this is groundless.
        Darwin showed that humans are like other animals, humanists [including atheists] claim they are not.
        Humanist/atheist insist that by using our knowledge we can control our environment and flourish as never before. In affirming this, they renew one of Christianity’s most dubious promises – that salvation is open to all.

        The humanist/atheist belief in progress [as you said: humans can get better] is only a secular version of this Christian faith.”

        So you can cut the pretense and join us… or you can continue to preach your disbelief in the God of Creation, while stealing from the Christian tenets to support your humanist/atheist religion.

      13. what you fail to realize is the only belief you KNOW i hold similar to these people is atheism, i have many differing beliefs along with it. You shouldnt see atheism as one class of people as you shouldnt see theist that way either, its one belief with thousands of other possible beliefs along with it.

      14. Friend,
        the post was not specific to atheists… that’s why it’s quiet telling – your loud screams.

        This post is for everyone… warning signals of what will happen when one chooses to ignore God. It’s not just the self-professed atheist who ignores God, self-professed Christians ignore God all the time… believing Christians ignore God some of the time.

        Your irrational protest is quite alarming – no group was singled out.
        The post tells of how life spirals downward when one or a society as a whole choose to ignore God.

        If you are honest… go back and read through the post, and tell me one descriptor that is false and why you think it is. (Reiterating… the post is for ALL… not just atheists)

      15. No… The post doesn’t need to say that because there is only one good person and that’s God.

        Question for you.
        IF there is a heaven, how does one get there?

        [This is not about being right or wrong, I truly want to know what you think. note, I used IF]

    1. Thanks Wally,… that’s okay… I do that too…plus this thread is jumbled.

      I was actually quoting the atheist John Gray when he says humanism is really a secularized form of Christianity (and to prove his point, he used what he termed Christianity’s dubious claim of salvation… atheists obviously do not believe such claim, yet they themselves continue to preach that mankind can be made good/better through scientific progress. A totally groundless claim as he suggests…and a claim I agree with).

      1. Yessir, in light of actually reading the correct comments, I agree with your agreement! Sigh, the mind, it’s a terrible thing to waste huh? More….coffee.

      2. 🙂 yes… sometimes I write without clarification… forgetting people cannot read into intent or half a context… (all because I’m trying not to write too lengthy a post)

      3. Funny you said that. I work for a Satellite TV provider and part of my job is supervising and training technicians in the field. Context, and intent..yep. We do much of our communicating by phone, and it often breaks downs because the person calling for guidance is right there looking at the situation in question, while the person being called only has the words said to work with. So, what you said makes just tons of sense. They miss something about context and intent, and then the other person offers bad guidance.

    1. Mr. Vincent,
      A Blessed New Year to you!
      Honored by the re-blog. Thanks so much in sharing and spreading the word.

    1. lafayetteangel,
      Thanks much for [the re-blog] sharing this powerful Gospel that’s been given to us.

      Have a blessed and grace-filled week filled with His favor.

  2. Good stuff ancients-

    Some have said the giver of life is life, no God needed……………..not knowing God is one thing and can be excused as ignorance, (and fixed) but as you said, ‘they didn’t know how to be human.’ Ouch, and double ouch because it is true.

    Atheism has no answer for the animalitry of man. In the ever boasting of man’s so called progress, the pseudo intellectual would do well to consider why man is so degrading among himself.

    Sin and death proves God’s word is true, while atheism has mere guesses, and no answer for death! The weak answers ‘change’ just like the winds. Oh how the anchor of scripture is so relevant in every age.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better CS: “In the ever boasting of…progress…why man is so degrading among himself.”

      Like everything else, they’ll try to find an answer apart from Christ Jesus… and will always come up short.

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