Grace and Truth

You see, Moses gave us rules to live by, but Jesus the Anointed offered us gifts of grace and truth. John 1:17

Through Jesus Christ we not only have grace but the truth… and it is only a knowledge of the truth that will set any individual (denomination & belief are irrelevant) free.

There are still many believers living in bondage to legalism because while grace is free, they have not been informed of, nor availed themselves of the truth of God’s Word. Some have taken the unfortunate stance of being protective of man-made or denominational doctrines at the expense of the truth.

Our Lord tells us: I am the way, the truth, and the life. Clearly, those who seek to deny the existence of Christ Jesus [truth] are haters of the truth who not only fell for lies but actively seek to establish those lies over the truth of God’s Word.

Blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who makes the Lord his trust, And does not regard the proud nor those who lapse into lies. Psalm 40:4


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