Living in the Supernatural

Miracles! – Barry Bennett

When the church began on the day of Pentecost it was accompanied by miracles. Miracles flowed from the apostles and from those who followed them. The first church was a church of miracles. Without miracles we simply have religion.

Christianity is not religion. It is life. It is the life of Jesus lived through us, and that life is a miracle working life. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever!”

Christianity is a miracle faith. Only the true power of God will satisfy the hunger in men’s hearts. Men settle for religion but they seek life. They seek power. They know it is possible, but they seldom see it or experience it.

The Bible is a book of miracles. Beginning with Creation and throughout the Old and New Testaments we find the God of miracles at work in the history of nations and in the lives of individuals. A miracle is God’s love touching man’s need.

The purpose of miracles is to separate men from dead religion and convert them to the worship of the living God. Man was created with ‘supernatural’ ability. It was natural ability before the fall. It was the ability to think God’s thoughts, speak God’s words and do God’s works. It was dominion over God’s creation. It was intimate communion with God.

The ‘New Creation’ man has been restored to his rightful place and is called upon to ‘reign in life.’ (Rom. 5:17) Jesus declared that we would do greater works. (John 14:12)

If we come to Him, hear Him, believe Him, speak His Word, pray to Him and live by Him, we will receive what He has promised and do His works!


3 thoughts on “Living in the Supernatural”

  1. I agree with the thought that Christianity is a way of life. I hesitate to say it is not a “religion” as too many people begin to attach such negative ideas to the mention of religion. And most everyone attaches religion with worshipping God.

    Perhaps I’m overly cautious, but people don’t need any help in detaching themselves from God and going to church these days. They’d rather sit at home and ignore the fellowship with God and like-minded believers. God never intended things to be that way in my opinion.

    This is a very well thought out post!


    1. I cannot take credit for this post, as it was done by a teacher of the word I greatly admire and have learnt a lot from.

      I think too many Christians have turned Christianity into a” ritual” – something you do on Saturday/Sunday for a few hours, instead of the way of life (which it is).

      I don’t know if anyone else does this, but usually when I see people bustling about, I usually wonder how much of an awareness of God, and their purpose here on earth do they carry around with them daily.
      People are way too busy living in the physical, they’ve either forgotten, never given thought to, or they completely deny their spiritual origins and in essence who they truly are.

      I appreciate your thoughtful & wise comments.

      1. Thank you for the wonderful comments! Actually, when I see people on the streets I wonder much the same thing as you’ve mentioned here myself. Christianity is such a matter of the heart…it must be sincerely felt or it can become a ritual. Sadly, many people have already made it that way in my opinion.

        But there are many who are good Christians as well and value what the Lord has done for them. Those are the ones we need to stay close to…


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