So submit to [the authority of] God. Resist the devil [stand firm against him] and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Submission – that beautiful and powerful word that the world hates. This knowledge alone qualifies it as something to be thoroughly embraced by the believing one.

The primary definition of submit is to commit to the discretion or decision of another or of others.

In the kingdom (those who have the rule of God in their hearts), one cannot be assigned to a position of authority, without they themselves being submitted to authority. 

‘Our relationship with the Father and our willingness to be that living sacrifice and to do whatever He has commanded us to do and our willingness to be submissive to the word of God is parallel to the authority that we are going to carry into the world.

All things have been put under the dominion and control of man (Ps 115:16 & Ps 8:4). But if we’re not going to submit to and obey the word of God, then nothing is going to submit to and obey us… “Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you?”

We exercise submission to Him in the way that we think, through the words that we speak, and via the actions that we take. When this becomes the relationship that we have with the Father and His Word, then things (sickness, disease, demons,the elements, etc.) are going to know it and they will have to submit to our authority because we are doing just as Jesus did.

This is the authority we’ve been called to walk in, His magnificent plan from the very beginning, of having us dominating and reigning in life (Gen 1:26). And we begin our assignment by learning to submit to His Word which stands and abides forever. Resisting His word by choosing our own way makes us an heir who is perpetually a  baby, who though he is destined to reign as lord of all, without growing into the knowledge of his power and authority, will remain no different than a servant (Gal 4:1-7).

So, let us submit to God’s authority, and begin to see things submit to and even flee from us because they recognize our authority.


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