Kept in Perfect Peace

Originally posted Jul 2011 “A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding”

Some time ago I read  a story of two artists who were  commissioned to do individual paintings depicting their idea of peace.   One artist painted a very tranquil, beautiful, and serene scene; perhaps one similar to the photo shown below.   

The other painted a very rapid and dangerous waterfall. At the very edge of the waterfall was a tree with one of its branches hanging over the edge, where the leaves were misted by the fast moving waters below. In this overhanging branch lay the nest of a sparrow with its young inside, seemingly oblivious to the roaring noise, the crashing waves, and other inherent dangers around.     


How do you view peace? Is peace for you the absence of all conflicts, the absence of all trials, those moments of quiet, relaxation, and tranquil? If this is your idea of peace then you are living in the physical and not the spiritual. Peace is of the Lord – it is ever present in all situations. It is not a fleeting feeling that ebbs and flows with the waves of tribulations.

In the Book of Mark we see Jesus along with his disciples on a ship crossing a lake to get to the other side. While they were a sea a heavy storm came up with waves so high that they broke over into the ship, causing it to be full of water. Can you imagine such a frightful and terrifying scene, yet Jesus was asleep in the stern of the ship on a pillow. The disciples woke him up, I imagine shouting over the roaring sea and also out of fear, saying “Master, we are sinking! Do you not care?”  Jesus awoke and not only did he speak to the sea saying “Peace, be still” but he also rebuked the waves.

How do you handle the storms of life that many times come out of nowhere to sink or derail your journey? Do you rebuke the waves, or do you cower in fright not knowing the source of your strength, authority, and peace?

Jesus didn’t calm the waves for himself, He was fast asleep in the stern of the ship. He was at peace amidst all the turmoil around him.   So my friends, when all around the nations of the world are entering into peace treaties, when others are seeking to promote world-peace, know that this type of peace is of the world and has no lasting benefits, because true peace is gained only in having a knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. True peace is obtained only in knowing that  He is your ONLY source of peace and having your mind firmly fixed on Him because you trust Him . When your heart is at peace, though there are storms all around, you are able to rebuke the waves because your sufficiency is not in yourself but in the Lord Jesus and his finished work.

Jesus said in John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

and in Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed [steadfast, firmly fixed] on you, because he trusts in You. ESV

Father, Abba, we give you thanks and praise for imparting your peace to us. A peace that is so beyond the realm of human understanding that gives guard to our hearts and thoughts. Thanks for your everlasting love, grace, and enduring mercies, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


9 thoughts on “Kept in Perfect Peace”

  1. Great work calling out Mike on his false teaching and sowing discord over at Wally’s place. I knew after a very few interactions with him that causing trouble and speaking against the faith were his goals.

    Keep the faith and stay strong.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement to keep the faith and staying strong.

      His comment at your site likening the free offer of salvation to being held up by a mugger was what propelled me to respond. To say I was greatly dismayed and disappointed is a gross understatement but I didn’t have the time to address it then.

      The prideful and irreverent nature of his comments coupled with his blatant hypocrisy- complaining of his comments being deleted when ~2 mths ago I left 3 msgs. for Peter (on his site) in response to some questions P. had asked. Mike went ahead and deleted the comments -he told me was going to delete them- because he thought I was putting the responsibility on Peter, and not on God.
      I have never made an issue of it, I just left it alone. I only mention it now because I know few will read this, and my goal is not to ‘out’ him, as I could have addressed it where others would see the double standard, but I have no interest.

      The Word is a double-edged sword which if not highly esteemed and wielded with care, all we’ll end up doing is cutting ourselves to pieces with it. He’s playing a dangerous game where he’s already bound to lose.

      I quoted much from Prov. b/c he reads it every month; hopefully he’ll begin to let wisdom enter his heart before he’s fully destroyed by his pride.

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        My goal at first was to out him as a dangerous false teacher and hypocrite because I thought there was a real chance he could lead someone astray. Now I try to avoid him as much as I can because almost no one reads his blog and talking to him is an exercise in futility that always leads to a “swatting the gnat” post about me.

        The comment about the mugger was the last straw for me and it still blows my mind a little.

        Despite what he may say, I do not delete his comments on my blog and refuse to comment on his (even though he asks me to all the time) becuase he will delete and/or edit them to make me look bad. He cannot be trusted.

        Anyway, I do pray daily for him and hope he realizes the error of his ways and learns to accept Jesus and recieve true salvation. Only then will his heart be changed.

        My guess is that he is either confused and struggling or an outright liar and of the devil himself.

        God bless,


      2. Sadly, there is a real chance he could lead someone astray- as he keeps professing to be a Christian, so some not [yet] grounded in the Word may actually believe his diabolical doctrine, which leads to my biggest problem with him: The intentional sowing of disharmony through deliberately twisting what the Word or an individual says.

        Today, he’s posted: “I am IN the World… and I am OF it too, contrary to previous teaching. Maturity for me is becoming more and more aware and adjusted to that “OF-ness” and knowing where I fit in, in order to make a Valid and Useful impact for Good.”

        Like you, I don’t know where to place him [confused, misguided or otherwise]- so I’ll join you in praying for him and leave it to the Holy Spirit to convict and change.

        Thanks for the blessings. God bless you as well.

      3. I gave up reading his blog because I have decided that it’s not edifying in any way so I’ll take your word that he wrote those words.

        That being said, that is dangerous doctrine that no Christian should believe.

        Thankfully, very few people read his blog. I pray it stays that way.

        I just put up a post about his comment that questions his words but not him. He will read it I’m sure. I hope it causes him to think and that he doesn’t reply as the words are indefensible.


      4. And that’s the truth…we are to edify, encourage and comfort each other for the good of the whole.

        I’ll end on this blessed and positive note 🙂

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