The Cruel Joke of Atheism

I’m just reiterating what I’ve said else where & you have covered in beautiful detail:
“A materialist/atheist must and will always adopt an illogical stance and will always be unable to defend it [though they try desperately-utilizing much ignorance] because there is no standard for anything for them; everything is based on each individuals own opinion and the spotlight of reality will render such opinions illogical as they’re always living beyond even their own metaphysical assumptions.”

Lyle Duell

The Cruel Joke of Atheism

Atheists fiercely argue with theists about the existence of God. But why? Is it simply to win an argument to justify themselves intellectually, or is it out of love for the theist, believing that the theist would be happier as an atheist? In order to have any of these motives they would have to make a moral judgment on the value of religion and religious people. The problem is that in doing this they are doing the exact thing that they criticize religion for, i.e., making moral judgments of what is good or bad. I believe there is a story in antiquity about people who wanted to usurp the right of the deity to determine good and evil and become the judges, assuming the role of God.

Let’s talk about the happiness hypothesis first. Drawing from my personal experience, which I admit is limited, I…

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