Quoting Scriptures

At times we encounter self-professed “godless” or so-called “de-converts” who will quote a few scriptures proclaiming them to hold some truths to them while decrying and denouncing the rest of the Word in their tireless and tiresome efforts to gain members into their anti-Christ religions.

Similarly, there are also self-professed “Christians,” those who do not allow the Word of God to come between them and their man-made doctrines, and those who do not even believe Scripture is the infallible Word of God, yet quote at whim Scriptures when its expedient.

A person may deceive himself into thinking he’s getting away with fooling others, but in reality he’s only fooling himself. Other men may look on the outside, but God sees and knows what’s in a person’s heart, [and ] to the wicked, God says: What right have you to recite My statutes or take My covenant or pledge on your lips,  Seeing that you hate instruction and correction and cast My words behind you [discarding them]?  Psalm 50:16-17



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