The Living Word

“Our attitude toward the Word determines the place that God holds in our daily life. The Word should always be the Father speaking to us. It should never be like the message from an ordinary book. It should be as real to you as though the Master stood in the room and spoke to you personally.
This Word was designed by the Father to take Jesus’ place in His absence. When He says, "The Father Himself loveth you," it is a personal message to your heart. When the Master said again, "If a man love me, he will keep my word; and the Father and I will love him and make our home with him," that should be as personal as though you were the only one in the world.

It is as though you were sitting at the feet of Jesus, and He looked down into your face and said, "The Father and I will come and make our home with you. "Be not dismayed, for I am your God. "I am going to be your strength ; I am going to lend to you my own ability. "When weakness comes, remember that I am the strength of your life.
"When you need finances, remember that I said, `My Father knoweth that you have need of all these things’." You can whisper to your own heart, "My Father will supply every need of mine. He knows my needs and loves me. He and I are one."

Man’s word is usually dead before the printer has finished his work. Few words of man live after a generation, but God’s Word is different. It is impregnated with the very Life of God, it is eternal.”  E.W. Kenyon New Creation Realities


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