Freedom–a Moral Entity


“Christians can often shrink from tackling moral agendas. We are frightened of ridicule and irrelevance. We all crave freedom, but morality speaks to many of us in terms of prohibition. The western liberal tradition defines freedom as the absence of restraint: the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. This is not freedom, this is anarchy.

…such freedom would be modeled by a man floating aimlessly in space – free of any form of external restraint, yet powerless to move. In order to move, such a person would need to make contact with an external reality to push off against. Biblical freedom means not only being set free from oppression, but also being enabled and empowered to do those things that we need to do.

Freedom is a moral entity and only exists within a moral framework….The time has come for Christians to regain their public voice – a voice that not only stands for God’s standards but one that empowers society to be free to enjoy His blessings.” – Dr. Michael Ramsden Corruption & Collapse [ThirdWay Sept. 2002]



2 thoughts on “Freedom–a Moral Entity”

  1. I would say freedom is not absence of restraint, but absence of bondage. but there are many things one can be in bondage to. -mike

    1. True, there must be restraint, which can only exist within a moral framework in order to allow for the complete absence of bondage.

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